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April 18 2017

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Znajdź mnie szybko. Zanim znajdzie mnie kto inny.
— Haruki Murakami - 1Q84
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Greek Mythology | The Lovers Part 1 & 2


i’m actually proud of these!! so far i’ve done greek mythology goddesses and lovers… i want to continue this series so let me know if you have any suggestions of what to do next!

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Jan Sztaudynger
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April 16 2017

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no way in hell am i passing this up

a student from uni scrolled past this and ended up failing all of his courses, even the ones he thought he passed… not gonna take this chance.

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April 10 2017

Boisz się, że jak dostane to czego chcę to zniknę?
Ostrzegam, jak dostanę to czego chcę, mogę chcieć więcej.
— azazel
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March 31 2017

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moodboards: my heart is a rose which your love has brought to bloom x

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March 29 2017

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March 25 2017

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March 24 2017

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grapefruit & honey tea.

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